Are you dependable, hard-working and love to have fun?
Do you sing in the shower but are afraid to sing in public?
Do you love to sing but know nothing about music?
Or are you a great singer who wants to share your talent?
Would you like to part of a successful team that has a great time together?
Then YOU would be a great addition to the Shining Stars Choir!
Don’t know how to sing??? Then you can learn here!
Can’t read music??? You can learn that too!
Come join us and begin a lifetime love of music!
Join us at Shining Stars Music Academy for the Home School Choir!
Rehearsals: Dates and Times TBA
Time in rehearsals will be spent singing warmups and learning to sing two-part harmonies. All culminating in a choir concert at the end of the semester.
Missed rehearsals will not be made up nor money refunded.
Location: TBA
Cost: $80 per 15-week session (one semester)
Multiple sessions will be available throughout the year.
Family Discounts and Tuition Assistance Available
Registration: To register, use the “register” tab via academy website. Fill out registration form and indicate on the form “Shining Stars Choir.”
25% reservation fee due at registration. An invoice of this fee will be sent after registration is received.
Full payment of remaining $60.00 due at first rehearsal.
Grades: Shining Stars Choir is a choir open to all students of middle and high school age. All levels of experience are welcome!
Schedule: A full schedule will be handed out at first rehearsal. The schedule runs the same breaks as District 51, and the concert will be held in the evening near the end of D51’s semester.
Questions: For any questions do not hesitate to contact Sydnee Martinez at, or at (970) 986-2841.
Questions and Answers
Do I have to know how to sing or read music?
Not at all! The purpose of choir is to help you LEARN to sing and to read music. These are things we practice and work on at every rehearsal. All are welcome to come and learn in a fun and inviting environment!
Does it cost money beyond the registration fee?
The registration fee covers all classes and the borrow fee of the music. A replacement fee will be added in the event of unreturned or lost music.
Are there performances outside of regular rehearsals?
At the end of each semester, there will be a final concert.  Please invite your family and friends to attend!
I already sing in the shower, why should I join choir?
Singing in choir can give you benefits that solo singing cannot. In choir, you will learn how to sing two-part harmonies and how to work together in a non-competitive team to make beautiful music.

How do I sign up?
Register for Shining Stars Music Academy in the Register tab at the website. Indicate the desired class “Shining Stars Choir”  A 25% registration invoice will be sent after registration has been received.
Is there a goal for the SSMA Choir?
We have many goals! 
  • Be exposed to many different musical styles and cultures through vocal music
  • Learn to work as a member of a musical ensemble team
  • Learn to read music in a fun environment
  • Learn sight singing
  • Gain confidence via performance with a supportive musical family
  • Become music makers! 
And this is only the beginning!
Is there specific attire required?
All choir members are required to wear specific attire at end of semester concerts. 
  • Students need to wear black pants/slacks or skirts (knee length or longer)
  • Students need to wear black shoes. NO FLIP-FLOPS ALLOWED. Dressy black sandals are appropriate
  • Students need to wear a black or white button-down shirt or blouse.
  • Simple jewelry only
  • Minimal hair accessories
This specific attire is to help foster a mindset of respect of the audience, respect of the choir director and accompanist, and respect of self. The concert is an important aspect of the choir. Many weeks are spent putting hard work into the music. The black and white attire gives students a sense of importance and togetherness and minimizes distraction for the audience.

What are the expectations for each rehearsal?
There are several expectations for students at rehearsals and concerts. These expectations help to create a successful and fun environment for all.
1.  Be considerate
  • Be considerate of all others (your peers, the director, and all who enter the classroom). Disruption of instruction, and others' learning, will not be tolerated.  Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed during rehearsals at any time.
  • Be considerate of our space (The studio and all equipment).  No GUM, CANDY, COUGH DROPS, FOOD (all of these things are a health hazard during singing). Gather all your belongings and throw away any trash.
2.  Be prepared
  • Have required materials with you every rehearsal (music, folder, pencil). A bottle of water is recommended at each rehearsal as there is not a drinking fountain in the studio. No Caffeine, dairy, or food allowed in the studio. WATER ONLY.
  • Be on time, use the restroom and get a drink before class.
3.  Be dependable
  • A successful ensemble occurs when all members are considerate, prepared, and dependable. Your choir-mates depend on each voice to create an entirely put together performance.
Does the SSMA Choir work with memorization?
Every semester, the students will work hard to learn and memorize every piece of music. Students are expected to participate in learning to read and follow music. The concert is the culmination of this hard work and no one will have music in their hands.
Are parents allowed to sit in during rehearsals?
As there is limited room in the rehearsal space, parents will not be allowed to sit in on rehearsals.
How many sessions are there each year?
Multiple sessions are available throughout the year. All sessions run with District 51’s school schedule – along with breaks for holiday. One concert will be held at the end of each session.
  • Fall Session $80 – includes non-holiday as well as holiday music
  • Spring Session $80 – includes both sacred and secular music
  • Summer Sessions – Multiple shorter sessions may be offered